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myPWS for personal weather station ownsers

You own a weather station that transmits measurement data to Wunderground.com (WeatherUnderground)? You want to get a quick overview, as well as detailed diagrams with the readings of your weather station and those of more than 250,000 other weather stations of the Wunderground network?

Then myPWS is exactly the right app for you! All you need is: your personal API key, which will be created in your personal account on Wunderground.com for you to retrieve.

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WU data server not delivering data!

The WU data server does currently not deliver data to myPWS. It looks like parts of the WU infrastructure are currently down. As this is beyond our control, the only thing we can suggest is to wait for the server to work again. myPWS will work as expected once the WU server is back up and running again.

You are welcome to send complaints to WU Support.

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